Environment & Technology

Marina Verde Wellness Resort speaks the language of a contemporary architecture where ecology is linked with technology and technology is combined with research. It is the first building in Italy with six floors above ground to be constructed entirely using wood, with advanced casing and shielding together with sound and thermal insulation, doors and windows are of top quality.

The geothermal water ground is used for cooling and heating the hot healthy water with the support of solar panels, whereas photovoltaic panels produce electric current, the mechanical ventilation checked by Aldes, the iGuzzini led lighting, the outer shadowing system and the green areas to maintain internal temperature level are all passive and active strategies which follow the logic of “saving energy” by “creating energy”. All this is aimed to obtain the highest level of comfort within constructed environments and a “KlimaHaus class A+” certification, saving energy through the reduction of the 80% of the energy requirements and the resulting reduction of the running costs.

My Home Biticino

The apartaments present the integrated system of domestic automation which reflects a useful, well-rounded, refined design of a structure that offers intelligent solutions in terms of comfort, safety, energy conservation and environmental respect, communication and management.

The quality of domestic life is improved by the comforts provided by my home, which recreates the ideal atmosphere at every time of the day. Lighting, sound diffusion, internal temperature, irrigation and activation of others automatisms are centralized by My Home. It guarantees safety and protection, My Home knows when you are at home and when you are not, it prevents intrusions, defends from domestic dangers like gas leaks, flooding, electrical blackouts and automatically starts up the appropriate countermeasures. In regards of energy conservation and environmental respect it seeks to manage the air conditioning in different parts of the house whilst separately running the temperature of each area and keeping under control the electric consumption. My House permits to administer sound, imagines and files on the inside of your house keeping a close contact with it. My Home guarantees valuable solutions of reception and the transfer of video conferencing calls, it facilitates the supervision of the entrances and it operates the local video control or by remote control.

The interaction with the (domotica) house is simple and perceptual thanks to My Home BTicino devices which offer an extensive technologic range of possibilities from the efficiency of digital remote control to the potential of Touch Screen and Video display. Furthermore for those that wish to manage the house from distance using mobile and smart phones or Personal computers, it’s possible to use My Home Web which receives your orders from the internet, displaying images and alarm signalling directly from your house.